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We are planning a youth peace action to be held in San Francisco during United Nations Disarmament Week in October 2018. Check it out!

As well, we are requesting that public officials at every level — community, state, and nation — sign a Legislators Peace Pledge.  And we have ourselves signed, and we ask all young people to join us in signing, a Youth Peace Pledge.

Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and email lists, we are letting our friends and acquaintances know about this Youth Pledge, and we invite them, in turn, to tell their friends about the Pledge.  Let’s all spread the word and keep our peace movement growing.  Together we can find nonviolent solutions to human conflicts and  turn the world toward reconciliation and security for all.

Kate Im
Bay Area Youth Organizer

Kate is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Public Policy, in hopes of becoming a public defender. She is passionate about helping lower income families gain access to resources they are barred from due to economic circumstances. She strongly believes that everyone has the right to a peaceful and safe life, free of war and hate. Outside of academics, Kate loves to meet new people, hang out with friends, or play video games.

Kate is currently gathering a core group of students in high schools and colleges who will develop and participate in the youth peace action to be held in San Francisco during United Nations Disarmament Week in October 2018.

Christina Kearny
Bay Area Youth Organizer (on leave)

Christy is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying international relations with a focus on developmental economics and linguistics. She is passionate about cross-cultural understanding and global wellbeing, and loves to travel, meet new people, and learn new languages. When not delving into research topics or linguistic analysis sets, you’ll find her outside playing Ultimate Frisbee as well as leading tour groups around campus!

Christy has been organizing students in high schools and colleges for the youth peace action to be held in San Francisco in October 2018.  She will be studying in London during the fall semester, but will rejoin us upon her return.

David Goncharuk
Youth Committee Chair

David, a senior at David Douglas High School, was the Outreach and Recruitment Director, and now serves on the Strategic Advising Council, for Oregon Student Voice.  He co-founded DT Consulting, a pro-bono firm that equips youth with essential life skills. He was also selected to participate in Citizen University’s Inaugural Youth Collaboratory, and has served on his school board’s equity committee and on a Portland Earthquake Resiliency Committee. As a 2nd-generation Ukrainian immigrant who has spent time in his parents’ native country, David has seen the effects of violence and war. When not speaking at conferences or catching up on homework, he enjoys acting, nature, writing and drinking too much coffee.

Durya Nadeem
Outreach Co-Director

Durya is an American Muslim high school student and Hilliard, Ohio native. While excelling academically, she also co-founded Peace-Builders, a non-profit dedicated to building bridges among different cultures and religions. She has served on the Ohio Attorney General’s Teen Ambassador Board, also as a Board Member of the Safe Alliance of Interfaith Leaders, on the Franklin County Youth Council, and as a participant in Citizen University, which brings together students and civic leaders. She is active in the Muslim Student Association and as an organizer for the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus Ohio. She speaks and advocates on behalf of peace, justice, equality, and unity for all.

Abigail Alvarez
Policy & Advocacy Director

Abigail is a senior in high school and is deeply committed to youth activism and social justice. She is the Assistant Policy Director at Oregon Student Voice, which aims to make students authentic partners in shaping their own education. She is also the founder of All Peers United. APU is an integrated after-school program for students with and without disabilities, with the aim of building community in an accessible and inclusive environment. For over three years, she has also worked for Oregon Youthline, a teen-to-teen telephone crisis hotline. She spoke at a Youth Suicide Prevention Conference in 2016. Abigail is also a musician and varsity athlete, and plans to pursue both of these passions in college and beyond.

An Tran
Regional Organizer

An is a young Vietnamese woman from Southeast Portland Oregon who wants to leave her imprint on a world very much in need of change. She believes in social awareness and is conscious of the impact she and others can have. She is passionate about food, the outdoors, and assistance to improve the lives of others.  Given her background, An is familiar with war and its lasting legacy.

Ashtyn Darnell
Social Media Director

Ashtyn is a senior at David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon. She is a social media guru and the mastermind behind the Youth Committee’s outreach program. She is also passionately involved in her school’s student voice club and newspaper. She’s headed to the University of Oregon where she will major in business. She will continue to write and express her views openly, while also helping others find their voice. When she is not drowning in homework, Ashtyn likes to practice her photography skills, hang out with family, binge watch her favorite shows on Netflix, and consume lots of sugar.

Justin Thach
Communications Director

A high school junior in Salem Oregon, Justin pursues interests in politics, the arts, international education, and language. He founded Young Asian Leaders of America (YALA) in 2017 and currently serves as its executive director. After studying abroad at Nanjing University through the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, he was selected to be the program’s Portland Alumni Representative. He is engaged as well with the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Justin is the child of refugees from the Southeast Asian Diaspora, and he knows the long-term effects of war. When he’s not on a conference call, you’ll find him shamelessly riffing along to the latest pop hits.

Jared Cetz
Outreach Co-Director

Jared is the executive director at Oregon Student Voice and a sophomore at David Douglas High School. He has a passion for social justice and youth empowerment, which values are rooted in his belief in equity and advancement for all. What does he do in his free time? “If I’m not buried in a book or writing poetry, honestly, just talking to people, getting to know them, how they think, their perspective on life.”

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