Youth Peace Pledge Form

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To sign this Youth Peace Pledge, fill in the fields to the right and then click SEND.

Any information you provide on this form will be kept strictly confidential, unless you agree to share that information with other Youth Peace Pledge signers.

Please ask others you know to join you in making this pledge.

If you are interested in spreading the word about this peace pledge campaign, visit our Join the Campaign page.  We  welcome everyone’s contribution.

The Pledge

I pledge to:

  1. Encourage peace in all its forms, acknowledge and welcome differences among people, and always seek non-violent solutions when conflict arises.
  2. Treat all people with respect and protect their dignity and safety, regardless of their ethnicity, age, economic and cultural status, sexual orientation, abilities, ideology, religious belief, and place of origin.
  3. Challenge hatred in all of its forms, ranging from malevolent speech and racial prejudice to gun violence and war.
  4. Support peace candidates for political office and advocate for peace-making public policy at every level – community, state, nation, and world.

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