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Political candidates and current office holders: To sign this Peace Legislators Pledge, fill in the fields to the right and then click SEND.  Upon receiving your signature, we will include you in the list of signers.

Please ask other candidates and office holders to sign as well.

For those of you who are NOT candidates or current office holders: please visit our Join the Campaign page.  We need and welcome everyone’s participation in this pledge campaign.

Thanks for your support — working together, we can build a peaceful world that protects us all — current and future generations!

The Pledge: As a candidate for a U.S. public office in 2018 — or as someone currently occupying a U.S. public office, as the case may be — I pledge to support and advance these four aims:

  1. Ample funding for community-based violence prevention programs and the enforced regulation of the manufacture, sale, transfer, and use of firearms.
  2. The non-violent resolution of international conflict and the abolition of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.
  3. The sharp reduction of government military spending, and conversion from a military and fossil-fuel based economy to a sustainable economy that meets such civilian needs as health care, education, housing, mass transportation, renewable energy, and ending poverty.
  4. The provision of re-training and alternative employment for soldiers and military industry workers, enabling them to apply their experience and skills to civilian production.

In keeping with the above aims, I will not knowingly accept any campaign donations from military contractors or fossil fuel corporations.

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