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Our aim is to advance the cause of peace in our schools, communities, and beyond.  We invite people of all ages, from every walk of life and background, to participate.  What unites us is a shared purpose: to build a world at peace, in which violence is not considered — by nations, communities, or solitary individuals — as a way to solve human problems.

The fighting of wars is done mostly by young people, and many are wounded or lose their lives as a consequence.  In the civilian world too, youth are as vulnerable as any other age group to violence.  On average, seven teenagers are killed by guns daily.   This does not have to be — we young people join with others in making a commitment to turn the world in the direction of peace.

We are asking political candidates and current officeholders at every level of government — local, state, and national — to advocate for peace.  There is much that every legislator can support, ranging from gun violence reduction programs and town hall meetings to peace-making foreign policy and the  conversion from  a military and fossil-fuel based economy to a sustainable economy that meets civilian needs.

Political Candidates and Current Office Holders: Sign the Pledge Here
List of Legislator Signatures
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